Best Casket To Buy for a Funeral [2022 Buying Guide]

Choosing a casket for your loved one can be a difficult decision. While you want to ensure the casket is of good quality, money can get in the way of finding the perfect one. So, the process can be difficult, especially in a time of grief.

The best casket to buy for a funeral will depend on your budget, the size, and what your loved one would have liked. The material of the casket you choose will depend on your budget and what you want for your loved one. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss what you should be looking for when buying a casket and the best casket to buy for your needs.

Finding the Best Casket to Buy

Finding the right casket for your loved one can be challenging as you process your loss. It can be difficult to know what to look for and how to choose the right one. So, let’s talk about some important things to look for during your search. 

Using a Budget to Find the Best Casket to Buy

First, you should put together a budget. The average casket will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Therefore, it is best to have a budget in mind before you begin your search. This will help you as you view your many different options. 

When planning your casket budget, consider that many other expenses will come with burying your loved one. You will need to budget for the viewing, embalming, burial, and other parts of the funeral process. So, you don’t want to spend the entirety of your budget on the casket. 

Material of the Casket

The material of the casket will affect not only the price but how well it holds up over time. There are two main materials for caskets, metal and wood. People tend to choose wood caskets over metal if they want to save money or prefer the traditional look that wood offers. 

The material also has a large effect on the weight of the casket. This page on our website goes into casket weight in more detail.

Some people prefer wooden caskets because they are more natural and rustic than metal caskets. Wood caskets can vary in price depending on the type of wood you choose. Woods like cherry or mahogany can really set you back as far as cost, but the elegant design is worth the cost to many people. 

People tend to buy metal caskets less frequently for aesthetic reasons. Instead, people usually choose them because of the protection they offer. Metal caskets seal shut more effectively than wood caskets. This allows your loved one’s body to remain protected after the burial because dirt, water, and other things can’t seep into metal caskets. 

So, choose the type of casket that you want carefully. Consider that there are many different types of wood caskets to choose from as well. Whether you prioritize preserving your loved one or the classic, elegant style, make sure to consider which material you want before deciding on a casket. 

Best Caskets to Buy Regarding Size

Caskets are traditionally one size fits all with slight room for variation. However, your loved one may not be able to fit in a traditional casket. If this is the case, then you will need to consider a larger casket. 

Oversized caskets are available for those too tall or too large for traditional caskets. These tend to be more expensive due to the extra materials needed to make the casket. Standard caskets are 28 inches (71 cm) wide and 84 inches (213 cm) long. If this is not enough room for your loved one to rest comfortably, then a larger casket may be necessary. 

Expect to pay more for an oversized casket than a traditional one. With the average cost of a funeral around $5,000, the price can get overwhelming quickly. So, make sure you consider the casket size and additional costs that may come with it. 

Casket Interior 

When shopping for a casket, people often consider the outer material heavily in their choice. However, the interior material is just as important. Manufacturers tend to make the casket’s interior from either satin or velvet, though other materials are available too. 

Some people choose the deceased’s favorite color to determine the color of the interior. This allows the casket to truly be representative of them rather than just an elegant formality. So, consider choosing their favorite color or something that goes well with the color of the exterior part of the casket. 

While the outer part of the casket can come in many different colors, the interior is traditionally white. However, other colors are available as well. So, consider getting a less traditional interior color for your loved one, especially if you have an open-casket funeral service. 

Find the Best Casket to Buy By Browsing

One of the most important parts of finding a casket is to shop around. The process of finding the right casket is challenging. So, when you finally find one you like within your price range, you may want to just buy it then and there. However, you may be spending more than you need to. 

Once you have an idea of the material of the casket you want to buy, it is a good idea to shop around. You can find more reasonably priced caskets than what the funeral home offers. Many websites like Amazon or other retailers offer caskets as well, and you don’t have to pay the marked-up price that you expect from funeral homes. 

Find a general idea of the casket you are looking for, then take the time to shop around. Contact other funeral homes in your area to see if they have a better offer. Then, consult other merchants as well. 

Federal law prohibits funeral homes from denying burial services because you bought a casket from an outside retailer. So, take advantage of this law meant to protect grieving families and shop around. The funeral director will use the casket as the law states. Feel free to look for other more reasonably priced options at places like Amazon or Costco. For more information on how much caskets usually cost, read this article on my website.

Close up of the black casket in a casket store.

Consider Renting a Casket

If your budget for a casket is low, then you may want to consider renting a casket for a funeral service. Rental caskets are available at every funeral home and can allow you to save quite a bit of money. On average, renting a casket costs less than half the price of a regular casket. 

Renting is a great way to have a casket for the funeral service but still allocate money to other parts of the funeral. The part of the coffin you are renting never comes in contact with the deceased. Instead, the funeral director places the deceased in a wooden box. They then place that wooden box inside of the casket you rented. 

Rented caskets are similar to ordinary caskets, with the exception of the interior. Rather than the traditional interior, a rented casket has an open interior, so you can place other boxes inside. So, bodies do not come in contact with the reused part of the casket. If they do, the funeral home is legally required to throw them out. 

Once the service is complete, the funeral director will remove the wooden box holding your loved one from the casket and bury your loved one in the wooden box. The funeral director will then have the casket cleaned and inspected for any contamination. Barring any issues, the casket will be available for rent again. 

If you’re interested in the process of renting a casket, check out this page on my website. It also contains a video explaining what a rental casket looks like.

The Best Caskets To Buy for a Funeral

Now that we have gone over some things to consider before buying a casket, I will now go through the best casket to buy for a funeral. The suggestions are all great options for your loved one, and they are available at 

Overnight Caskets Lincoln Poplar

This mahogany casket is more expensive than other options, but its glossy finish and cream interior provide a timeless, elegant style. The cream interior is velvet to provide elegance and comfort to your loved one. 

The manufacturer passes each casket ordered through a ten-point inspection. This will catch any manufacturing errors or damage done when transporting the casket. This way, you can ensure you are getting a quality casket. 

If elegance and tradition mean a lot to you and your loved ones, then this is the casket for you. The mahogany finish and velvet interior provide timeless elegance for saying goodbye to your loved one. So, if you don’t mind spending some extra money on your loved one during this difficult time, consider this option from Overnight Caskets. 

Titan Casket Orion Series Steel Casket

This casket made by Titan Caskets is a more reasonably priced option. It has sixteen different color variations for you to choose from. Go for a classic, elegant look or choose your loved one’s favorite color. 

This steel casket has a high gloss finish and secure handles for transporting your loved one safely. The half couch design allows for an open casket ceremony. This casket has a few different choices for the interior color, depending on the outer color you choose. So, you can ensure that the interior will elegantly match the exterior. 

This casket by Titan Caskets is a more modern option for your loved one. The twenty gauge steel provides affordability and a sleek finish. The interior is fully adjustable to ensure that your loved one fits comfortably inside. 

Titan Casket Jupiter XL Series Steel Casket

This all-white steel casket is a beautiful and elegant way to say goodbye to your loved one. This XL casket provides plenty of space for your loved one to rest. The head and footbeds are fully adjustable to provide maximum comfort. 

This Titan Casket has reinforced handles to allow for maximum security while transporting your loved one. It also comes with a rubber gasket and lock to preserve the body of your loved one as much as possible after the burial. 

The crepe interior and high-gloss finish provide an elegant, timeless look for your loved one’s final resting place. Whether your loved one is a little too tall for traditional caskets or you just want to ensure they are comfortable, this Jupiter Series Steel Casket is an excellent choice. 

Overnight Caskets Silver Rose Brush

This elegant casket from Overnight Caskets provides a unique, sophisticated look for your loved one. This eighteen gauge metal casket is fully adjustable, half-couch, and features a locking mechanism for maximum protection. 

The silver rose brush finish truly sets it apart from other, more traditional caskets. The light pink velvet interior also adds a touch of color and comfort. The gasket sealer is fully rubber and allows for safe opening and closing without any potential damage. 

While this casket has many of the traditional features you find with other caskets, the color scheme really helps it stand out. So, lay your loved one to rest in something they will love. The unique colors and sturdy design of this Overnight Casket make it a great option for you. 

Titan Casket Reflections Series Steel Casket

This unique casket uses purple and gold accents to stand out from the others. The gold reflective trim adds a touch of elegance to the royal purple finish. The unique mat finish of the casket body sets it apart from the traditional gloss of more conventional caskets. 

The traditional white crepe interior will add a sense of comfort to the design, while the purple will help it truly stand out. The sunburst head panel adds dimension and elegance to an otherwise plain area of the casket. 

If you are looking for a casket to truly represent your loved one, then this specialty casket may be the right choice. The unique color and bold reflective trim are sure to draw attention during the service and represent the unique and loving energy of your loved one. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever casket you choose for your loved one should feel special to you. Whether that means choosing a traditional, comforting style or something more daring, it is an important choice. 

Choose the right casket carefully and ensure that your loved one rests peacefully in a comforting casket. Check out the options we have for you above, or find something more unique to your style. 


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