Casket Sprays: Full Guide on Price, Size, Flowers, and More

Flowers are a common gift to give someone who recently lost a loved one. Studies have shown that focusing on funeral customs and traditions can help a grieving family find peace. So, it is no surprise that casket sprays remain a popular tradition for funerals. 

Casket sprays and other funeral flowers began as a tradition to help cover the smell of the deceased at a funeral. Most famously, flowers were present to cover the scent of death at President Andrew Jackson’s funeral. Since then, the tradition has continued. 

Let’s talk more about what casket sprays are and how to find the right one for your loved one. 

What Is a Casket Spray?

A casket spray is an arrangement of flowers meant to lie on the casket’s cover during a funeral service. They come in many different sizes and styles, varying in price. Someone in the immediate family primarily sends these bouquets as they are central to the funeral process. 

Sometimes referred to as casket covers, casket sprays remain a popular tradition at open and closed casket funerals. As discussed above, people used these bouquets to cover the scent of the dead body at a funeral rather than embalming. Although they are no longer necessary to cover odors, most people still choose to use them to honor their loved ones. 

The closest family members usually order and decide on the casket spray as the right colors and size can make a big difference in the funeral procession. So, it is uncommon for distant family and friends to order and have the casket spray delivered as they may not have all the necessary information regarding the service. 

If you want to gift a casket spray to the deceased’s immediate family, then communication is essential. You will need to know the correct size to buy based on the type of service they hold for the deceased. You may also want to ask for preferences as the family may want the bouquet to feature the deceased’s favorite flower. 

Is a Casket Spray Necessary?

A casket spray is unnecessary, but it is a common tradition for funerals. While they used to be necessary to cover the scent of the deceased, this is no longer the case. Most people choose to still buy them as a tradition and to help brighten the room. 

During a time of grief, many people choose to fall back on traditions passed down from previous generations. Funerals are no exception to this. In fact, most of the funeral traditions that we follow tend to come from religious and familial traditions. These traditions are not a requirement so much as a comfortable, familiar tradition to fall back on. 

Casket sprays are no exception. The embalming and body preservation process has come a long way since the origin of the casket spray and other funeral flowers. We no longer need them to cover the smell of a dead body. So, casket sprays are not a necessary part of the funeral process. Rather, they are a welcome, familiar custom. 

Bearers a carrying a coffin into a car

The average cost of a funeral in the US averages between $7,000 and $12,000. This average comes without the cost of extra things like flowers, headstones, and cemetery expenses. For most of us, this cost is nothing to scoff at, and many families need to look for ways to save as much money as possible when grieving their loved ones. 

Because of the steep cost of funerals, some traditions may get left behind, especially when they are not necessary for the funeral process. Casket sprays are an example of something that is not a requirement that could save a struggling family some money for funeral costs. However, if tradition is important to you, you should consider a casket spray. 

What Is the Average Cost of a Casket Spray?

On average, a casket spray can cost you anywhere from $150 to $450, though you can expect to pay less for a smaller arrangement and more for a larger arrangement. Prices will vary based on the size, chosen flowers, and where you purchase them from. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right casket spray and the price will vary widely based on what you choose and where you purchase it. When considering the casket spray’s cost, it is essential to shop around to find different prices. Most places that sell flower bouquets arrange casket sprays. So, make sure you shop around for the best deal. 

One of the most significant factors in determining the price of the casket spray is the size. While we will talk about sizes in more detail later, it is vital to understand that size is a huge contributing factor in cost. 

The type of flowers you choose for the arrangement will directly impact the price of the casket spray. For example, roses are an expensive choice for any flower arrangement. So, if you choose an expensive type of flower, you can expect to pay more for the casket spray. 

What Happens to Casket Spray After Funeral?

What happens to the casket spray after a funeral is up to the family, as they can choose to have the arrangement placed in or on the grave. Families rarely take the casket spray home because it is too large to store in their home. So, they may leave it behind. 

If you have the room for it, taking home a casket spray is not unheard of. You can bring it home with you along with the other funeral flowers to help brighten up your home and bring you even a small amount of joy. 

If that isn’t an option, then there are other things you can do with the casket spray. Sometimes, families choose to have the casket spray lay on the new grave. To do this, they will place the casket spray to the side while the burial takes place. Once they have finished burying your loved one and putting the grass on the grave, they will lay the casket spray over the fresh grave. 

This is a common way that people find a use for the casket spray without looking for some room in their home. Families can also choose to have the casket spray left on top of the casket during the burial. This means that the staff places the arrangement and buries it with the casket. So, the family can no longer access the flowers. 

A coffin in a morgue with a flower arrangement

It is also common for families to hand out parts of the casket spray to family members as a keepsake to remember the funeral. People may appreciate something to hold on to even in the short term after dealing with something as sad as a funeral. 

If the family leaves behind the flowers, cemeteries and funeral directors will often cut and donate the remaining flowers to local hospitals and nursing homes. While these flowers don’t last forever, they can help bring some joy to other people who may need a little light in their lives. So, feel free to donate the remaining flowers if you don’t want them after the service. 

Are Casket Sprays Buried With the Casket?

Families can choose to have the casket spray buried with the casket. While this is not too common, some families choose to do this as they don’t want to take it home with them. 

This may seem like an odd choice as the flowers will no longer be on display for anyone to view. However, it is common for families to bury things with their loved ones. For example, families may choose to place certain items in the casket with their loved ones and bury the items with them. 

It is not unheard of for families to bury the casket spray with their loved ones just like they may bury specific items with them. So, while it is uncommon, you can consider it for your loved one. Remember, funerals are for the deceased and their families. So, whatever you decide to do with the casket spray is your choice, and the funeral director will oblige. 

How To Make a Casket Spray

To make a casket spray, use a floral foam block to connect individual cut flowers. Make sure that you position the flowers to allow the arrangement to lay flat on a casket rather than stand up. 

Making your own casket spray can save you and your family a lot of money when it comes to the funeral service. Let’s go over the specific steps you need to take to make your own casket spray. 

Start With the Right Tools

Here are the things you’ll need to make your own casket spray:  

  • Floral foam
  • Rubber
  • Flowers
  • Filler flowers

You can feel free to add accents and other items like ribbon, but the basic items listed will help you successfully make your own casket spray. 

Each item above is vital for making it, but the styles and colors of the items are entirely up to you. When purchasing the floral foam, make sure you choose a rectangular or similar shape with a significant flat bottom. This will allow the spray to rest on the casket without crushing flowers or falling off. 

When choosing the flowers, make sure you choose matching colors so that your spray is cohesive. Just grabbing whatever flowers you can find to add to the casket spray can lead to major disappointment. So, be careful and selective when it comes to choosing flowers. 

Also, creating your own casket spray can take a lot of time. Consider silk flowers if you are concerned that the flowers may begin to wilt before the service. If you choose fake flowers instead of real ones, you can add your own perfumes to give them a scent. 

Treat the Flowers

Before you begin constructing your casket spray, make sure you prepare the flowers. Trim and soak them in a flower preserve before you begin adding them to the casket spray. This will ensure that the flowers last as long as possible and remain colorful and vibrant throughout the funeral service. 

It is essential to cut at an angle when you trim the flower stems. This angle creates a sharp stem at the bottom of the flower. With the sharp stem, you will be able to stick the flowers into the floral foam easily. 

Prepare the Foam

Before preparing the floral foam, attach the rubber section to the bottom. This will keep the casket spray from moving during the funeral service. You can attach the rubber to the foam with any type of strong, waterproof glue. This will prevent it from separating. Let the glue dry completely before moving on to the next step to ensure that it stays. 

You will also need to prepare the floral foam before inserting the flowers. To do this, fill a bowl or large vessel with water. Place the foam on top of the water to allow it to begin soaking up water. Rather than pushing the foam down to submerge it, it is important to allow the foam to submerge itself. It will sink as it fills with water, letting you know it is full and ready to use. 

Put the Casket Spray Together

Next, take your filler flowers and flowers and place them into the foam one at a time. Make sure you cut the stems as needed, so stems aren’t sticking out of the foam. Once you arrange all the flowers to your liking, make sure there are no gaps. If there are gaps, you may need more flowers or to rearrange the spray to provide better coverage. 

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How Tall Should a Casket Spray Be?

A typical casket spray is six feet (1.82 m) tall, but the sizes vary greatly depending on your needs. Half-couch caskets require much smaller casket sprays because half of the casket is open. So, the size will vary depending on your needs. 

Closed-Casket Service

Closed-casket services allow families to purchase a large casket spray without it interfering with the service. In this case, you can buy whichever casket spray size you prefer. The typical casket spray size for closed-casket services covers most of the casket. So, expect these sprays to be anywhere from five to six feet tall (1.52-1.82 m). 

Half-Couch Casket Service

Open-casket services make choosing the right size casket spray a little more complicated. Half-couch caskets require different size casket sprays. So, you can select two or three-foot (0.60 -0.91 m) casket sprays for these services. The goal is to cover part of the casket without allowing the spray to cover the upper body of the deceased during the service. 

You can also temporarily remove the casket spray for open casket services, allowing the casket to be open without interference. Otherwise, you need to buy a small casket spray to use during the service. 

Final Thoughts

Planning a funeral can be difficult, but hopefully, our information can help make it a little easier for you. Casket sprays have been a tradition among funeral planners for years and are a great way to brighten up the room during a sad experience. 

Remember, the planning process is up to you and your loved ones. So, make your own casket spray or buy something they would like. 


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