How Many Caskets or Urns Can Be Buried in One Grave?

Death is one of the most painful incidents we go through in life. Losing a loved one is never easy, and planning their funeral is even more challenging. If you are viewing this and have recently lost a loved one, I send your and your family my deepest condolences.

Depending on the state you live in, the number of caskets or urns you can bury one in one grave varies. If you are looking to one day make your loved ones final resting spot yours as well, then you need to know all the factors.

This article will inform you of how many caskets and urns you can have buried in one grave. I hope this information provides you with the knowledge and comfort you need to give your loved one a beautiful send-off.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Burial Plot

If you have not yet chosen a burial site for your loved one or do not know much about the one they might have already purchased, this section should help you make some decisions.

There are six types of burial plots

  • Single
  • Double-depth
  • Family
  • Mausoleums
  • Columbariums
  • Private estates

If you are reading this article, I am making the educated guess that your family does not have the latter three.

Whether you already have or choose to purchase a single, double-depth, or family plot will make a difference in how many caskets and urns you can have in each. 

Let us explore each of these burial plot types and see which meets your needs the best. I hope my information will help you choose the proper resting spot for your loved one.

The Single Burial Plot

A single burial plot, which is the most common burial plot, is meant for one person. The standard size of this plot is 2.5 ft (0.7 m) wide by 8 ft (2.4 m) long. If your dearly departed is a sizable person, the plot could be up to 4 ft (1.21 m) wide by 9 ft (2.74 m) long.

A single plot is intended for a single casket, and that is it. No other coffins can be buried in this plot. So if you want to be laid to rest with your loved one, you might want to consider another plot type.

However, if your dearly departed has chosen to be buried in a casket, and you wish to be cremated, then you can have your remains buried with them.

If your loved one wished to be cremated, there is plenty of space for them in this plot. Though urns vary in shape and size, they generally do not go past 12 inches (30.48 cm) in length or width. So how many urns can you place in a single burial plot?

This answer varies depending on the cemetery you use. Though the standard amount of urns is two per single burial plot, some cemeteries will allow four to six urns in one plot.

So if cremation is the method your loved one preferred, ask the cemetery you choose how many urns can be placed in the plot.

If two is the minimum, then at least you can be beside them for eternity. If four to six turns out to be the number, then your children and their spouses can choose to be buried with you as well.

Funerary urn with ashes of dead and flowers at funeral.

The Double-Depth Burial Plot

A double-depth burial plot is a single burial plot meant for two people. Double-depth plots are usually the choice for married couples or siblings. This plot type is about 6.8 ft (2 m) in depth.

So what makes a double-depth plot different from a single plot?

With this plot type, you can fit two caskets in it. The caskets would be stacked on top of each other. Depending on your preference, you can also place the caskets side by side. With this plot type, you can rest easy knowing you will always be with your loved one.

As it is with the single burial plot, you can fit two to six urns in it. Once again, I recommend you ask your chosen cemetery for their rule on this matter.

The Family Burial Plot

A family burial plot is much bigger than the other two burial plots I have already mentioned in this article. Before deciding on a family burial plot, you should consider how many family members might want to be buried together.

I understand this sounds a bit morbid. However, this type of plot requires you to purchase a section of the cemetery where your family will be buried. The space and plots you buy will let you know how many people can be buried there.

Within your section of the cemetery, you can choose single or double plots to accommodate more family members. This is something you need to determine before purchasing this plot type to ensure the cemetery has adequate space for you and your loved ones.

So there truly is no limit to how many people can be buried in this type of plot. If you purchase ten plots, you can fit anywhere from ten caskets up to 20, depending on the plot type you are buying.

You can fit anywhere from 20 to 60 urns in your family’s burial plot.

If being buried amongst family is what your dearly departed wanted, then these are factors you need to consider when purchasing this type of plot.

Can Two Bodies Be Buried Together?

Sometimes we do not just lose one loved one but two. The loss of multiple loved ones could be the result of a tragic accident, illness, or broken heart. Either way, the pain of losing a loved one is doubled, making it harder to deal with planning a funeral.

However, you can find some ease in a tragic occurrence like this. If your loved ones wished to be buried side-by-side, they indeed could be without a coffin separating them from one another.

You can bury two bodies in the same casket as long as your state’s laws allow it. Every state has different laws, so you will want to ensure you are not breaking any. Mostly, this type of burial is often done with mothers who die in childbirth along with their baby.

It may also happen for younger siblings who died at the same time.

However, as in the case of Raymond and Velva Breuer, a couple married for 77 years, they were able to be buried in the same casket as they were both smaller in stature. 

If your loved ones are a bit larger in stature, then a double coffin can be made, but it will take some time and more money than a traditional casket would.

For a double casket, you will definitely want them to be buried in a double-depth plot to ensure there is enough room for this much wider coffin.

How Much Does Each Plot Type Cost?

Now that you know the different plot types, you might wonder how much each costs. This answer varies from state to state and also on the cemetery type, so I can’t provide exact estimates to suit your needs. 

However, I can give you some general information regarding costs.

  • The cost for plots in private cemeteries is exponentially higher than the cost of plots in public cemeteries. Sometimes, the price can be three to four times higher.
  • With a double-depth burial plot, you can expect to pay double what you would pay for a single plot. However, most cemeteries will offer a discount on this plot type as you are purchasing multiple properties.
  • With family plots, it depends on how many properties you purchase. This type of plot could also get you a discount as you are making multiple purchases. However, if you are blessed enough to have had a relative already purchase a family plot, then this is one cost you will not have to fret over.
  • Urns are cheaper to bury because they are smaller, and you can fit more in one plot. However, the costs are still markedly higher in private cemeteries than in public ones.

Again, these tips are just general information covering the 50 states. Some states, like California, are significantly more expensive than a state like Delaware, which is one of the cheaper states to be buried in.

To honestly know how much you will be paying for the plot you choose, you will have to talk to the cemetery manager.


I know planning the funeral of a loved one can be heartbreaking and overwhelming as the emotional and physical loss of this person takes its toll on you.

I hope the information provided for you today helps you make the best-informed decision for the final resting spot of your dearly departed.

Again, I send my most heartfelt condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. Time heals all wounds, and I hope once your loved one is at peace, that you will find peace as well.

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